Vision Africa Golf Marathon

On either May 6 or May 14 all our golfers and duffers participated in the 2015 Vision Africa Golf Marathon.  If you sponsored a golfer or you would like to sponsor a golfer or make a contribution on behalf of a golfer or just to the Golf Marathon in general, you may do so by following these simple instructions.  If you want to see some pictures, go back to our home page and click on the scrolling group picture at the top.

If you want to sponsor a golfer and his or her team or make a contribution for a golfer or his or her team or just make a contribution to help us reach our goal of $50,000, you may (i) pay by check by sending your check to Vision Africa, PO Box 600008, Dallas, TX 75360 and indicate on your check or in a note the name of the golfer or team you are sponsoring (make check payable to Vision Africa), or (ii) pay online with your credit card by clicking on one of the links below for either $25, $50 or $100 or “Other Amount” for a lesser or greater amount. After you click the appropriate donate button, you can complete your credit card information on the next page, then click “review donation and continue” and on the next page there will be an option for “add special instructions to seller”, where if you want you can click on that link and you will be able to add the name of the golfer (if any) you are sponsoring. Then click on the final donate button, and you will be done. Our system will take care of the rest (including sending you your tax receipt).

We want to thank all our golfers and sponsors for making the 2015 Vision Africa Golf Marathon a big success.

Once you make your contribution our system will automatically send you the appropriate tax receipt.

If you have any question or if you would like to handle your contribution any other way, please call our Executive Director, Paul Ditto, at 214-828-9232 or email him at


  • More Medical Missions
  • More Bibles for Pastors
  • More Church Plants
  • More Christian Radio Broadcasts
  • More Peace and Reconciliation Efforts




Other Amount

Your prayers and financial support are both needed for Vision Africa to continue conducting medical missions, fighting malaria, providing bibles to pastors, conducting leadership training, promoting peace and reconciliation, and broadcasting God’s love to a population of over 20 million across southeastern Nigeria.

Please pray for us today.

Please give today.

Questions, call 214-828-9232 or email

Tax deductible donations for any of our missions may be mailed to :

Vision Africa
P. O. Box 600008
Dallas, TX 75360

call: 214-828-9232