Vision Africa 7th Annual Golf Marathon

When: March 24, 2017

Where: Golf Club of Dallas

What is the Vision Africa Golf Marathon ?

It is an enjoyable event, which will raise some serious bucks for Vision Africa. It is a way for Participants, duffers, low handicappers and non-golfers alike, to rally support while doing something they can accomplish in a few hours. When compared to a traditional golf tournament, golf marathons are more fun and substantially more profitable.

Here’s the Fun Part (and remember you are not required to play golf!)

Yes, if you golf, you and one or more playing partners will collectively play 100 holes. No, we’re not kidding. One hundred holes are very doable. Many Participants in past marathons have been able to play more than 100 holes. In fact, the record for a golf marathon is an amazing 409 holes in one day! Several changes in the format of the game are made to speed up the play…

Every Participant has his own cart, and plays at his own speed. Participants may hit multiple balls, and each ball counts as one hole played. We play “ready golf” with a maximum field of 48 Participants. No looking for lost balls, OB’s etc. Merely drop another ball and keep hitting. Whenever your score on a hole reaches triple bogey, pick up, score the hole as completed, and move on to the next hole. You may play any hole, or series of holes, in any order as many times as you want. On the green, any putt inside the leather is a “gimme.”

Did you say I don’t have to be a golfer to play a big part in this Campaign?

That is correct. You do not need to be a golfer. Our main purpose is to raise funds for Vision Africa. You can make a significant difference in our outcome by joining us and just soliciting pledges matching your personal donation. Last year several “non-golfing participants” were very successful; when they asked for donations they said it was to help sponsor a golfer in the event. It is that simple. We need Participants just like YOU! Please join the fun. The joy is in seeing lives impacted because we gave our time and talent generously. And, you can win this marathon with a willingness to make a few phone calls and send out a few emails to folks you already know well. Our Champion raises the most donations!

Ok, What’s the Catch?

Well, there really isn’t any catch. Each Participant who fundraises in the campaign will be asked to do a few things.

Give a day & play golf at the golf course, or if you don’t want to play golf, join us for lunch before, or dinner afterwards. Sponsor yourself for at least $1 per hole. Your $100 donation is payable in advance and is tax deductible. Solicit sponsorships from business associates and friends with a personal goal of raising an additional $24 per hole…that amounts to $2,500 each Participant can raise for this most worthwhile cause. So, you can see with a field of 40 Participants, each raising $2,500, we could reach our goal of $100,000. WOW!

Ok, “Gimme” the Details

The Vision Africa 7th Annual Golf Marathon Golf Marathon will be played on May 24, 2017 at the The Golf Club of Dallas, with the location details to follow in upcoming newsletters. The Marathon will give you a very rare opportunity to play on a golf course, almost by yourself, and complete the equivalent of a month’s worth of golf in one day! Our day’s agenda will be something like this…

Meet around 11:30 AM, have lunch. Shotgun start. Flail away for at least 100 holes (as a team). Marathon stops when it either gets too dark to see, or the golf course staff runs us off. Join us in the clubhouse for a Mexican Fiesta, to celebrate our success! Go home, soak your muscles, and rub on some Ben Gay! Smile a lot – you’ve done a great thing today!

But I Still Have Some Questions

Good! Pick up the phone and give us a call. Duffy is not only organizing this event, but Duffy is going to play as well. Serving as Player Captain of the campaign, Duffy believes wholeheartedly in the mission and vision of Vision Africa and is dedicated to this campaign’s success. We need your help! Join us!

How Do I Sign Up?

This is the easy part. Give us a call or email, and we will provide any information you need. Or simply send your check for $100 payable to Vision Africa 7th Annual Golf Marathon, and we will send you your Participant’s packet containing all the details and information. Please join us!

Your Player Captain’s Contact Information:

Duffy Johnson

+1 (214) 509-6837


2017 Vision Trip to Nigeria

20th Anniversary Celebration Trip to Nigeria this June I

Join us for our 20th Anniversary Celebration in Nigeria this summer.

We want to celebrate the journey God has lead us on over the past 20 years by celebrating with many of our friends and partners in the Gospel. Join us on a 20th Anniversary Celebration trip June 8-15, 2017.

Here’s an overview of the trip:

We leave the U.S. Thursday, June 8th and arrive back to the U.S. on Thursday, June 15th.

June 8-9We depart Thursday/arrive in Lagos on Friday afternoon.
June 10Saturday-Take an early morning flight form Lagos to Umuahia. I’m sure we’ll visit Vision Africa Radio that afternoon.
June 11Sunday- Church in the morning and a celebration in the evening.
June 12-13Monday/Tuesday-Church planting/Medical mission/staff training/business as mission and some vision casting.
June 14Wednesday- start our journey back to the U.S.
June 15Thursday-Arrive in the U.S.

Cost is $3,000. That does not include visa and immunizations.

If you are interested in joining us, please email us at

We hope that you will join us to celebrate 20 years of “Sharing God’s Love.”

2016 End-of-Year Report

The following report is also available for you to download and print: Vision Africa 2016 End-of-Year Report.

Save lives! Support Vision Africa! Contribute to our annual Golf Marathon today.

You can help save lives.

Each day, almost 1,000 children in Nigeria lose the battle against malaria.

Vision Africa works to prevent this disease through medical missions and health education broadcast on our radio station, Love 104.1 FM, as well as undertaking many more initiatives to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Nigeria.

On Thursday, May 12, we will hold our sixth annual Vision Africa Golf Marathon to raise critically needed funds to support the ministry, which includes radio, peace-and-reconciliation, medical outreach, leadership development, church planting, and bibles-for-pastors ministries.

Our goal: $100,000.

Teams of golfers will play 100 holes on a Dallas-area course – whacking, chipping, hacking and slicing golf balls to raise money. We will have fun, but this is serious business. The people of southeast Nigeria depend on us!

From last year's event: First Group  Ready to play several balls on first green

From the 2015 event: First Group Ready to play several balls on first green

Please consider making a pledge or donation to bring hope, healing, reconciliation and education to the people of Nigeria.

All your donations are tax-deductible. You can pledge online or send a check made out to Vision Africa directly to:

Vision Africa
Attn: Golf Marathon
P.O. Box 600008
Dallas, TX 75360

Thank you for your support!

Bishop Onuoha honored with prestigious NRB international award

Bishop Dr. Sunday Onuoha, founder and president of Vision Africa, was recently honored by National Religious Broadcasters with the prestigious NRB Award for International Individual Achievement for his leadership of Vision Africa Radio in southeast Nigeria.

The award, based on a thorough review by a panel of NRB International Committee judges, is presented annually to a non-U.S. resident who demonstrates a strong personal commitment to proclaiming Christ through electronic media.

Effective Christian radio ministry in Africa

Bishop Onuoha honored with prestigious NRB international award

Vision Africa Radio, which runs Love 104.1 FM in the city of Umuahia, broadcasts 24×7 in a region with a population of more than 20 million.

“Love 104.1 FM brings messages of hope, healing, reconciliation and education to Nigeria,” Bishop Onuoha said. “Since Love 104.1 FM began broadcasting in 2005, it has played a critical role in seeing thousands come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Marriages have been restored. God has used the station to ignite a great transformation across the region.”

NRB presented the award to Bishop Onuoha during an awards banquet at the organization’s annual conference in Nashville in February 2016. Three years earlier, the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards named Love 104.1 FM its Station of the Year in southeast Nigeria.

“The team of professional Christian broadcasters who operate the station are dedicated to sharing God’s love with excellence and with a passion for seeing many come to faith in Christ,” said Steven Ross, chairman of Vision Africa’s Board of Directors. “We are thankful that God has raised up a team committed not only to broadcasting the Gospel with uncompromising integrity, but also raising awareness about social issues such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, family values, the importance of education, respect for others and social order.”

In Memory of David Baxter

Click any of the slides to be taken to David Baxter’s obituary:

Bishop Sunday Continues to Promote Peace and Reconciliation

Bishop Sunday Onuoha spoke at and was on a Panel Discussion at Global Peace Foundation Conference in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Pictured above is Bishop Sunday with His Excellency Amani Abeid Karume (former President of Zanzibar), Khalifa Mohammed Al Shaer Suwaidi from Dunai, His Execellency Rupiah Banda (former President of Zamia), Dr Omar Mohammed Al Khateb from Dubai, and Ambassador Mussie Hailu (regional director of United Relations Initiative for Africa)

Pictured above is Bishop Sunday with His Excellency Amani Abeid Karume (former President of Zanzibar), Khalifa Mohammed Al Shaer Suwaidi from Dunai, His Execellency Rupiah Banda (former President of Zamia), Dr Omar Mohammed Al Khateb from Dubai, and Ambassador Mussie Hailu (regional director of United Relations Initiative for Africa)

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
Matthew 5:9


Bishop Sunday spoke at and sat on a panel discussion at the Global Peace Leadership Conference in Zanzibar, Tanzania this week. It says a lot about Bishop Sunday and his work that he was asked to be one of the leaders of this conference. Zanzibar is about 90% Muslim. Participants at the Global Peace Foundation conference were drawn from many parts of East Africa. In addition to Bishop Sunday, facilitators were drawn from other parts of Africa, Dubai, Europe and U.S.

The Global Peace Foundation said “This timely and important gathering of top government, religious and business leaders and other influential public figures was convened in response to the grave challenge to the security and welfare of East Africa’s peoples”. The Global Peace Foundation (GPF), in partnership with the Government of Zanzibar, the East African Community and the International Authority on Development, convened this Global Peace Leadership Conference to promote peace, security and sustainable development in East Africa.

According to the GPF, the East African region has witnessed an alarming rise of intra-state and interstate conflicts in recent years and this has taken a huge toll in terms of human lives lost, the suffering of refugees and internally displaced people, as well as the destruction of much of the social fabric, physical infrastructure, and natural resources of the region (in particular within its coastal strip).

Eight former African Presidents were in attendance at the conference!

His Exellency Amani Abeid Karume and Dr Omar Mohammed Al Khateb with Bishop Sunday

His Exellency Amani Abeid Karume and Dr Omar Mohammed Al Khateb with Bishop Sunday

In addition to being a speaker and on a panel discussion, Bishop Sunday was also there to represent former Nigerian President Obasanjo.

Bishop Sunday was on a panel discussing how religious institutions can be used to build peace and mutual understanding, and as a speaker, his presentation outlined the elements that promote peace, security and sustainable development, including (i) how we must have leadership that accepts responsibility and is willing to take risks, (ii) how insecurity in one country is insecurity all over the world, and (iii) what values we must preserve to hand over to youth and new young leaders.

Although participants at the WPF conference were drawn from many parts of East Africa, the facilitators were drawn from other parts of Africa, Dubai, Europe and U.S.  At this period of growing extremism, we must all work together to care for our world. Insecurity in one country is insecurity all over the world. About 400 youths from the local community also attended the conference.

Although participants at the WPF conference were drawn from many parts of East Africa, the facilitators were drawn from other parts of Africa, Dubai, Europe and U.S. At this period of growing extremism, we must all work together to care for our world. Insecurity in one country is insecurity all over the world. About 400 youths from the local community also attended the conference.

World Methodist Evangelism Institute (part of the World Methodist Council)

World Methodist Evangelism Institute (part of the World Methodist Council)

Next month, Bishop Sunday will be a featured speaker at The World Methodist Evangelism Institute (WMEI) in Nairobi, Kenya. The theme of the Nairobi conference will be “That the World May know Jesus Christ” and it invites the world church to focus on the contextual and eternal implications of the gospel. Bishop Sunday will be speaking on Muslin/Christian Relations.

Over 100 Leaders, including Methodist Bishops, Clergy, Lay and Evangelism Leaders will be in attendance. The WMEI is a ministry of the World Methodist Evangelism of the World Methodist Council and the Candler School of Theology at Emory University.

So then we pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another.
Romans 14:19

Hear more about the World-Changing Activities of Bishop Sunday Onuohaat Vision Africa’s
2015 Celebration Dinner on October 8 at Park Cities Baptist Church
Reception starts at 6:00 p.m. – Mark Your Calendar
[more info to follow soon]

Vision Africa 2015 Golf Marathon a Big Success


Thank You To All Our Golfers and Sponsors

The Vision Africa 2015 Golf Marathon started with the initial golfers gathering at 11:30 a.m. on May 6 for registration, lunch, and this group picture

Vision Africa 2015 Golf Marathon a Big Success

Vision Africa 2015 Golf Marathon a Big Success



Chuck Anderson and Tom Leiser were our “Kings” of the Golf Marathon as they each completed 100 holes in our Golf Marathon (instead of 100 holes as a team).  Tom was quoted as saying “Once again, I was able to demonstrate my superior interest in the environment by exploring much more nature than Chuck did.”  And Tom bragged “I did break 600…..barely!!!”     

Tom Leiser and Chuck Anderson Ready to Tee Off at Vision Africa 2015 Golf Marathon

Chuck Anderson and Tom Leiser are Ready to Tee-Off on Their 1st of 200 Combined Holes of Golf

Amazingly, the first group landed all 12 of their golf balls within easy putting range of the first hole!!

First Group  Ready to play several balls on first green

First Group Ready to Putt Several Balls on First Green


Sand Trap Pic

Greg Barnes Shows Off his Sand Trap Skills


Long Distance Putting

Dr. Jim Sackett Shows Us Some Expert Long Distance Putting


Jim Shute and Friends

Jim Sackett, Rick Tubb and Michael Aikens Enjoying the Post Game Tex-Mex Dinner


Snack Chicks

Thank Goodness for the Snack Chicks (Beth Ross and Ugonna Onuoha)!


Steven Ross and Friends

Steven Ross with Jerry Davis, Dr Tom McDougal  and George Gunn


Two Vision Africa Golfers

Fearsome Twosome



Jack Cleaveland and Friends

Jack Cleaveland with Max Tucker and Bruce Gray  (Jack is on the IR list, so we only let him drive the golf cart for 100 holes!)



Marlin Wilson - Post Game Dinner

Marlin Wilson with Jeff Fulton and Allen Van Valkenburg

Bishop Sunday Onuoha on Faith Communities’ Role in Improving Health

Click for Full Article

Click for Full Article

Bishop Sunday recently posted a commentary on the website of the Office of the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Financing the Health Millennium Development Goals and for Malaria. You can read the full commentary by clicking on the link at the end or the thumbnail image of the webpage.

“Faith communities have tremendous potential to improve health throughout the world. Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will require us to take better advantage of the ground game that faith communities make possible.

Our partners in the international development community often mention the positive role that religious leaders and networks can play in support of health outcomes. Yet efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals have failed to systematically engage religious networks to full advantage. The faith community offers an asset that is inestimable in its potential for driving change: we have a deeply rooted and highly trusted ground game that reaches every village, no matter how small or remote. Faith communities hold a number of key tools to help accelerate the pace of maternal and child survival.  We have centuries of practice at “behavior change” and from our leadership to our rural pastors and imams we’re ready to make a difference for the health of our people!”

Read the full commentary….

Celebration Banquet October 9


Come and Join the Celebration

Come and Join the Celebration

Our Vision Africa Celebration Banquet and Dinner is going to be a wonderful night celebrating the many things God has accomplished through Vision Africa this year in Nigeria, and I want to extend my personal invitation to you to attend, Thursday, October 9 at Highland Park Presbyterian Church starting at 6 PM. There are many things that will make this year’s banquet stand out as the best ever (new Venue, many accomplishments to share with you, big announcements, great entertainment, etc.), but today there is one aspect of the celebration to which I would like to bring special attention.

We are so excited that this year for the first time we are bringing two of our leading Love 104.1 FM radio personalities to the United States for you to meet. Our Station Manager and our Head of Presentations and Promotions will be here for the banquet.

Click for full-size image

Click for full-size image

Chijioke Emmanuel Nwogu (better know as CeeJay) has been with our radio station from its inception and he has been the station manager for the last 5 years. Under his leadership, our station has become one of the best radio stations in the entire country of Nigeria. Last year we were named the best radio station in Southeast Nigeria (beating out several better funded commercial radio stations). CeeJay has previous experience with several TV stations and several other radio stations and even a newspaper. His commitment to Vision Africa Radio is a calling from God and through thick and thin he has been part of the team that God used to bring the first Christian radio station to Nigeria. CeeJay hosts one of our most popular radio shows called “Intimate Moments”, a show about marriage.

Uchemadu Ohakah (better known as Uche) grew up to be a Methodist preacher and is often addressed as ‘Pastor Yucee” by friends and on-air fans. He is the producer and presenter of several shows on our radio station, including ‘Lifelane’ (a program that offers listeners the privilege of sharing their salvation stories on air), ‘Newlife Wednesday’ (a one hour life transforming program where listeners are helped to deepen their relationship with God and are led to a personal knowledge of Christ), and ‘Dark Secrets’ (a phone-in program for emotional healing from wounds of the past). In many ways, Uche essentially functions as our assistant station manager, so his involvement in every aspect of our radio station has been key to its success.

These are two great men that are honored to be invited to attend our banquet. While they are here, they will spend a whirlwind of several days training and interning at each of three top U.S. Christian Radio Stations (KCBI radio in Dallas, KSBJ radio in Houston and KCMS radio in Seattle).

So, please join us on Thursday, October 9 to meet and welcome CeeJay and Uche to the United States. Best time to visit with them would be at the 6:00 reception that evening in Elliott Hall at Highland Park Presbyterian Church (see invitation below). Also below are a couple of pictures of CeeJay and Uche in action!!

We really appreciate your support. Thank you and God Bless.

Bishop Sunday Onuoha
Vision Africa – Founder and President

CeeJay at the Mike
CeeJayAtTheMikeThis is a picture of CeeJay in our broadcast studio in one of his many on-air opportunities. With his experience in news, radio, television, news reporting, production and his degrees in theater arts and mass communications, he can do (and does) just about anything we need off and on-air.
It was an encounter with God where he was specifically told that one day he would run and manage a gospel broadcasting company that led him to be part of the pioneer team that established a new Christian radio station in Nigeria – Vision Africa Radio, Love 104.1 FM

Uche at the Mike
UcheAtTheMikePictured here with Bishop Sunday in our recording studio, is Uche, a local boy (born and raised in Umuahia where the radio station is located) that was destined to play a prominent role in our radio station. Pastor Yucee (as he is often referred to) was born to Elder & Mrs Ama and he personally came to know the Lord in his early years as a teenager and he grew up to become a Methodist preacher. He is one of our most popular on-air personalities – born to be a live on-air minister.